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I like the name reem and I write, run, read, and loathe misogynists for a living. click here to see real life angels
fernocity: do you know who the girl with the dark black hair and red lips in the recent post is? There are lots of gifs of her bein a cool feminist and stuff :)

it’s Dita Von Teese, she’s a burlesque dancer and she somewhat identifies as a feminist i suppose and there are a lot of criticism toward her (you know crazies saying that she is contributing to the objectification of women) she voices out that she does nothing for men and only for herself which is very feminist so she’s cool

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keep forgetting that some irl friend follow this blog omg sorry :P

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Anonymous: That was so funny when you reblogged the "REBLOG IF YOUR PROFILE PICTURE IS ACTUALLY YOU!" Lol

~i am a old white man in spirit~

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"Varieties of angels, like varieties of love, are many."

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Brad Pitt, 1988

yes pls
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even the princesses fangirl over peter
except aurora 
that bitch be faithful

look at phillip though

can you blame her?

Goddamn.Phillip could get the business.

So I went to Disney about a month ago and i got to meet aurora. she asked me and my mom if there were any “princes’” with us today. When I told her that I leaned more toward princesses she looked over at Cinderella sighed and replied with “yeah me too” and I think about that a lot.

dopeybeauty AURORA IS THE BITCH!

always visit aurora
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